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AirMighty Megascene #24

AirMighty Megascene #24


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Airmighty Megascene #24


Perfect Imperfection
This subtle 1962 Beetle looks
pretty stock but boy can it drop!
Vintage Vert
The dream of every VW fan and
collector, a Split Dash Kabriolett
with all the right accessories.
Basic Intstincts
There may be 10 years and over a
million car between them, but these
Beetles share the original ethos.
Squareback Drag Racer
An amazing Indonesian creation
built to race and make hearts race.
Desert Rally Bug
Belgian VW specialist, Pat Deperne’s
epic 2,800km ordeal in the desert
of North Africa is a brilliant read.

DKP Cruise Night
The most famous VW club of all time
hosts a brilliant gathering for all styles
of Volkswagen.
Bug-In 41
The legendary Californian Volkswagen
show and go event that was first
held in 1968.
Vintage VW Treffen BE
A fantastic selection of classic
Air-Cooled from all over Europe
gathered together in Belgium.
VW Classic Mexico
With 350 hand picked Volkswagens
on display, this event gives an
insight into the passion Mexican
VW lovers have.
The UK’s Bad Camberg or Hessisch
Oldendorf, the 3rd International
Vintage VW meeting held in the
historic town of Lavenham, Suffolk.
Split & Oval Day 2
Close to 500 Classic VWs
including rare Coachbuilts and
WWII Wehrmacht wonders in
Wilnis, Netherlands.
Volksfest, Mexicali
This event highlights the other
side of the Mexcian VW scene,
showcasing the customized
Stonor 2016
One of the largest and best
one-day events in the UK, held
in the beautiful countryside of
Stonor Park.
Classic Remise
Held in Dusseldorf, Germany,
this 7th Classic Remise VW event
attracted 400 VWs including
12 Hebmüllers.
Air-Cooled Fiesta 4
The Southern-most Californian
VW gathering in San Diego where
Bugs and Buses cross the border
for a Cal-Mex VW Fiesta.
Mai Käfer Treffen
The enormous ‘May Day’ show in
Hannover, Germany, quite possibly
the largest one-day VW event on
the planet.
Top VW Show 3
We head to the historic Monza
motor racing circuit in Italy to join
in the festivities and see some
very cool cars.
Wolfsgruppe VAG Event
This Polish VW show started as a
Water-Cooled only deal, but now
they respect their elders – it’s a
VAG family affair.
Wild VW Drag Day 2
Close to Belgium and Germany,
the Clastres Dragway in France
saw some truly wild VW racers
hit the strip.
World of Air
Around 300 VWs and classic
Porsches converged on a military
base in Belgium for a celebration
of saving water.

...and more!

Meet Your Heroes
Always coming up with something to
make you think, Ivan has admitted to
being a hero worshipper.
Samba Rebuild
The 10th installment of the amazing
charity Type 2 Deluxe Microbus
Rarest Of The Rare
For this issue of AirMighy we take
a close look at rare aftermarket
accessory seat recliners.
Sicilian Bay Adventure
Can a Type 2 succeed in a road
race against sports cars such as the
Porsche 911, Maseratis or Ferraris?
Let’s find out.
Shop Tour: Werk34
We go behind the scenes at the
German VW parts supplier and
manufacturer Werk 34.
Tech Tips
Marco shows you how to keep
cool when driving your Type 2.
The temperature gauge doesn’t lie!
Garden Gassers
El Dub talks about the fallen stars of
the drag strip that have been given
a second chance to shine.