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AirMighty Megascene #18

AirMighty Megascene #18


€ 14,50

A Patina Dream Type 2

Greg had been looking for a Bus but never expected to end up with one wearing such great patina!

Black Mile Deep Porsche
Painted perfection, a Porsche 356A coupé built in the U.K.

1980’s Scalloped Survivor
Wearing its original 80’s paintjob, this Beetle has passed the test of time.

Vintage Mombassa Oval
Built by AirMighty readers in Kenya.

Cal Style Oval Rag Top
After having left the VW scene for many years Alex built a stunning ride!

Two Buses Become One
When a pair of rusty Type 2’s get turned into one very nice one!

The VW Heritage Single
Just over 8.500 miles on the speedo!

"Stinking Ass" Beetle!
Built in Italy with Orange County looks in OG Cal Look style!

Canadian Treasures
The Old-Speed Show, an amazing gathering of Vintage Performance.

Time for Action!
Probably the U.K.’s biggest Aircooled meeting, held on Santa Pod.

The Mexican VW Treffen
From all over Mexico more than 300 VW’s headed out to the Treffen!.

VW’s In The Alps
A group of friends on a quest for the most amazing Alpine roads!

Aircooled Fun In Thailand
When you go traveling in Thailand, hit up the Siam VW show.

The DTA Season Ender!
The last show on the VW calendar for the British Slammed VW scene!

El Dub’s Nostalgia Corner
Our French correspondent about the passing of Rickie McGarity and John Preston, may they rest in peace.

...and more!